Queries related to GC filing

Hello friends and experts,
I want to know the following:

  1. What all documents are needed in different steps of GC processing (eg perm filing, i-140 processing etc ?)

  2. Prior experience letter. Is there any difference in requirement to get experience letter when processing for a person with Bachelors and another person with Masters ? (I read somewhere that up to 5 years of experience in needed for Bachelors and no experience letter is needed for masters. However i can’t recall where i read it and also am not able to check it anywhere).


Your employer’s HR and their immigration attorney should be able to provide the list specific to your case.

The years of experience may be related to the EB category however again as mentioned above you should consult your employer’s immigration lawyer and they should be able to guide you for tje supporting documents required to file for each stage in the GC process.