Queries regarding in H1b Transfer


I am currently working with company A on H1b visa. I have my I797 Extension valid till 2015. I wish to switch my current job and I have below questions related to H1B transfer.

  1. If a company B files H1b transfer for me and I get receipt number do I need to leave my current employer A or Can I wait till I get approval of transfer.
  2. What is my Visa status, once company B files H1b transfer and it is under decision mode with USCIS?
    3.While I am working with my current company A, if H1b transfer initiated by company B is rejected than can I continue to work with current company and does it affect my status?

Answers to above questions would be highly appreciated, thanks for your time.

  1. You CAN leave your current employer based on the receipt number but it is not advisable as it may get into RFE. you may want to wait till you get an approval.

  2. you are still on h1b visa from your current employer

  3. yes you can continue to work with company A irrespective of your visa being approved or denied.