Queries Regarding H4 Visa Intiation

Hi There,

I am H1B visa holder and visa is getting expired on Oct-2017, Right now I am moving from Chicago to Schaumburg for different client. So, can I raise H4 for my Spouse with Chicago city and process LCA/Amendment after she come here? Or do I need to file LCA/Amendment and process H4 once I got receipt number? Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

The LCA and amendment needs to be applied before you change location. So if the H-4 can be applied before that time, then go ahead and get H-4 and continue to apply LCA, amendment.

If there is a delay in applying for H-4, then apply for it later and send the new LCA and amendment receipt to your spouse for the visa interview.

From coming Monday I have to move to New location. How long it will take to get receipt number for LCA/amendment with extension as my visa getting expire by Oct 2017. Once it got receipt number I can apply for H4 without any issues right? Please suggest.

Receipt notice is received within couple of weeks. She can appear for H-4 stamping using your current approval notice, newly filed LCA and amendment receipt notice. She should also carry documents that support your employment at the new location (like client letter etc).