Queries on job and H1B Visa - whether to move USA


I am from India. My wife has H1 visa and she got this through her company itself. She will be travelling to US by dec 2012. But i do not have a H. The one possibility is she can get a dependant visa for me through her company. Also i am from power and energy sector. She is travelling to sunnyvale, cupertino. Can anyone tell me if i can also get a job over there. Like how is the opportunity for power sector people there. I have 7 yrs of experience in this field (Electrical Maintenance Engineer).

We both are scared to take a proper decision because of the doubt whether i can get a good job or not ?.

Can anyone help on what to do ? . We does not know any consultancy for H1B sponsor also.


I am not sure about the job opportunities in that specific location for your experience and skills - you may search for the same in jobs sites like Dice.com.

An option for you is to travel to US along with your wife on H4 and then search jobs there.