Queries on H1B visa stamping

Hi experts,

I have approved H1B petition with one of the US based consultant and I am planning to visa stamping in next few days. Having few queries as follows :

  1. Before going for visa stamping, do I need to book my travel ticket as per the given joining date in my appointment letter? Will there be any issue if I go for visa stamping without booking my travel ticket ?

  2. My employer who filed my petition and got LCA approved, he has not done my Education Evaluation. I have 15+ years of work experience and not very sure if Education evaluation is mandatory for visa stamping. Can you pls help me to understand, how this will impact my visa stamping?

  3. Is there any link where I can see about my client and consultant status if they are not in USCIS black list ?

Thanks in advance


  1. Not required to book travel tickets before visa stamping

  2. It may not be required if USCIS has already reviewed and approved the petition. I have usually seen similar queries from USCIS but not from the consulate

  3. If they were in the black list, your petition would not have been approved.

Thanks Saurabh. Have few more questions as follows :

I got my H1B visa petition approved from a consulting company A and they are planning to put me with a Client B for project/job. When I am filling DS160 form for visa appointment, got confused with couple of points :

  1. In DS160 form, under “Temporary Work Visa Information” I am confused with below questions :(a) Name of person/company who filed Petition => This is very straight forward so no issue in this.Here I have to put name of Company A.

(b) Where Do you intend to work ? => Here, do I need to put the details about my client (i.e. company B) where I am planning to work or my contract (employer) company A ? Under this category, I can see below question which is create more confusion for me : (1) Name of the Employer => Here I am not sure if I have to put my contract company A name or Client B name ?

  1. under “Travel Information” there is question as Person/Entity Paying for Your Trip. What should be the acceptable answer for this for visa interview perspective ? I am initially paying my travel cost.



  1. Mention that you will be working for employer, but enter the address of the client. Also ensure that this address is at a location covered in original LCA and I-129. If not, H-1 amendment needs to be filed first.

  2. You are paying for the trip

Thanks Saurabh. Few more questions pls.
(1) on my LCA, my intended employment date mentioned as 10/1/15 to 09/30/18 but due to some reason my traveling delayed and now I am planning to travel somewhere around 1st May-16. I am going to get updated offer latter from my employer with new joining date but what I should put in DS160 form where there is question as “Intended Length of Stay in U.S.” ?
(2) is that a good option to put my work location address (Client office address) against the question for “Address where you will stay in the U.S” as I dont have exact address for my stay in US for now ?
(3) what is the best way to answer a question in visa interview related with delay in traveling to US because my initial joining date was 1st Oct-15 and now I am planning to travel by 1st May ?


  1. Mention current date to 797 expiration date

  2. You can put a hotel address near your client office. If asked, you can say it is temporary and you will look for a longer term housing after reaching there.

  3. Personal reasons, commitments in India etc

Saurabh, Thank you so much. Really appreciated.