pursuing engineering in 3 year electrical ,wanted to know if usa is good for masters as well as for job


i am 3 year electrical student and wanted to go usa for my masters but i am just confused about the cost of studies there .it is too much ,i mean how a average family can afford it.an d if i take the loan then can i get easily a good job so that i can repay my loan.

kindlyassist me in this matter


shobhit kumar

shobhit kumar,

Well, it can be a little expensive for middle class, if there is no funding. But, there are always bank loans that you can take and pursue your dream. Getting a job is totally different thing as it depends on many factors and hard to say. You will need to consider other things as well like H1B lottery situation. Read Apply for MS with H1B Lottery . Overall, I believe, it is a calclated risk you need to take to pursue your dream. If you do well and all luck favors you, it will be great…if things dont go well with h1b lottery and work visa things, then you are at financial risk…so, take time to think and make a decision.