Promotion before H1B dropbox appointment

Hi, This is my 6th year in H1B with the big search G company. Previously I was in F1. My recent H1 visa stamp expired on Jun 2019. My current i-94 is valid till Feb 2020. I have an approved I-140 petition for the title Senior Software Engineer. My employer applied H1B extension based on approved i-140 and the extension got approved with future date from Feb 2020 to Feb 2023. I planned to go for dropbox in Jan 2020. Made all appointments.

Everything is set and here came the bummer…My team got acquired by a sister company. And I got promoted to Engineering Manager.

Still the HR is deciding whether to do a H1B amendment or transfer. Once this step is done. I am planning to fill a new DS-160 and go to dropbox as per plan. Will this affect my visa approval probability. (Sorry If I am asking a blank question). But I am in a confused state.

If your role has changed or any duties are changed, including title designation, etc. then you may need to file an amendment. You need to discuss with your immigration attorney, if needed ( within the company) and then proceed.
It should not affect the visa approval, as long as everything is genuine and correct. Having said that, there is nothing like 100% approval as no one can say…prepare your best and have all documentation and hope it goes positive. Don’t worry, acquisitions are common and it should be fine.

Hi @Kumar, thank you for the reply.

I need one more help.

You can get the context of my case from above. My company filed a H1B transfer for me.

Today we received a RFE with respect to filing fee. You know very well, there are lot of corner cases in calculating the exact filling fee. It looks like, my attorney have miscalculated this fee ( because of the acquisition and successor of interest scenario). Attorney is telling, she will file a response within a week, and also mentioned the premium processing date will be reset to begin from the date USCIS received the RFE response.

Now my question to you Anil - is this RFE something which I should worry about ? will this affect my H1b dropbox probability ? I know this might look stupid, but I feel good when I get some answers/opinions from people like who have more knowledge than me in this space.