Profit to Non profit filling h1b

I am on my first year of OPT now. and I am working with an Non profit organization but this job was sponsored by a Profit staffing company. I was wondering if the Non Profit Orgnization want to convert me in full time. Is my H1b status going to change? If i want to change job in future to a profit company, Would this be a problem? Do i get stuck in NPO for 6 years?

Are you saying that your H-1 was applied by a for-profit company and you are currently working for a non-profit on NPO.

You can continue to work on OPT even as full-time until your H-1 kicks-in. After that you have to work for your H-1 sponsor. If you want to work for NPO, then they need to file H-1 petition for you.

In future, you can go back to another profit organization by filing a cap-exempt petition in future using current approved H-1 petition as reference.