Profile Evaluation for H1-B and L1-B


My Name is Vasant Jaiswal I have pursued a 3 year diploma in Industrial Electronic after 10th. I have 12+ years of experience in IT and I have also pursued my Bachelors in Computer Application for Vinayaka Missions University. This has been a lateral entry into second years as I had a diploma of 3 years. The university is approved by IGNOU and DEC.

My Questions: 1. Is my profile eligible for H1B filling. If not then what more should I do to make my profile better.

                      2. Is the University from where I have pursued my Bachelors could be an issue.

Thanks Regards

Vasant Jaiswal

  1. As long as your degree is recognized by a national board and is equivalent to US Bachelors degree, you should be eligible.

  2. It depends on the accrediation.

There are some agencies that do education evaulation and tell you that if it is equivalent or not. You can research them on the internet, if you are not sure about the credibility of the Universities that you studied in.