Prodigy loan something is wrong

why is my prodigy loan not being approved? first time i put an amount which when added to my funds was higher than the total cost for two years. I thought that was the mistake, but the second time with correction too, it got declined. I only want a smaller amount but being declined.
Anyone has had such an issue?

They look at the school, your profile and many other things. You can reach out to them for the clarity.

yeah. they did. what other ways can i show them apart from liquid funds. can i show them inherited assets? I mean in the visa interview.

You may show, but they probably will be used to look at your intent to come back to India. You will need funds or Fixed Deposits to cover your cost of education.

Hey. I got Visa. Thanks to you guys a million. I am so glad I joined this group. Finished my first semester struggling through though.

Visa is the easiest part of F1, student life is the worst part I feel when studying at 33.

@krisna, Yes, it can be difficult to adjust in the beginning… What are your challenges ? Just try to enjoy the ride and learn, so many new things to see and learn…

I want to learn more and asked a couple of my professors if I could be a part of their research work because my interests, courses line along but they rejected.

I was not able to take the courses I desperately wanted because it was clashing with my core courses of my cross-disciplinary program. I am studying something i am really not into. Every step is kind of lowering my confidence. I’m sort of hating the whole school. I was so cheerful, optimistic initially and when I see my hopes dwindling down semester after semester, it is not nice, you see.

Well, core courses are important and you cannot get away from them. Get through them first and then go for others. Don’t really get side tracked by the whole thing, US school in the beginning can be tough to adjust. Try to get into School’s Student Life activities so that you get better experience…
If you do not like the school, apply for transfer and this time talk to them before you join…that’s an option for sure.