Processing Time for my Visa Application[Details are below]

Hi All,

My name is Amit currently lives in India and I had H1B approved petition with validatity starting from 2009-2012 for which I have never travelled to US during this time period. I have re-process the same petition through the same petitioner and the application has been sent to USCIS on 1st of April and then USCIS have received it on 8th April and they acknowledged it through receipt notice. It was sent to Vermont Service Center. After that I use to take my EAC number and check my status on regular basis. But the status is still the same after 6 months till date “Case was received on 8th April”. Nothing seems to be moved. Can anyone please advise me how long it will take to get decision on my petition. By anychance anyone has any idea, where are the vermont service center? Which dates petition are they processing.

Genuine response can give direction to my career accordingly. Looking forward for quick response. Regards,Amit

Vermont service center is in the east USA. It is currently overwhelmed with petition, that they are sending few of the work to the California to reduce the workload on Vermont. There has been a delay due to this, many questions in this forum are related to this.

There is nothing else you can do, other than wait. The time taken is usually unknown. But if you upgrade to premium processing, you will get the decision on your petition within 15 days.

Thanks a lot Ramanan for your reply! By any chance do you know which date petition Vermont is currently processing. Also we have chart issued by USCIS to tell us the processing times for each center, where they have I129 category as well, but in I129 category also there are three major categories:- a)H-1B - Specialty occupation - Visa to be issued abroad for which they have processed Visa dated April 11, 2016 cases b) H-1B - Specialty occupation - Change of status in the U.S.for which they have processed Visa dated - April 11, 2016 cases c)H-1B - Specialty occupation - Extension of stay in the U.S.for which they have processed Visa dated - October 2, 2015 So out of these 3 categories I fall under which category. I belongs to India and my petition has been processed under Cap Exempt category to re-process it.