Processing time for H1b - Motion to Reopen

I have applied H1b visa in premium processing on April 2012(in masters quota) and i received the query regarding employee employer relationship
since My client never willing to give the client letter or email conformation/letter. USCIS have rejected my visa on June 2012.
and using some email conversations at work and some supporting documents i have applied for MRT (motion to reopen) on July 27th 2012. and 30th July they send the new WAC number. Its been almost getting 6 months but no reply, the tracking in USCIS website still showing as Initial review.

USCIS website states MTR takes usually 3months(90 days) 

Does anybody are in my case and any luck in getting Approvals ?

I remember seeing few cases in the main blog where MTR was adjudicated within 1-2 months, but in general in can take up to several months. I would suggest to not rely entirely on MTR’s outcome and start planning for next cap-year as well. If MTR is decided in your favor, then you are all set; else you have a back-up plan.


On April 4, 2013, the review of your I290B, NOTICE OF APPEAL TO THE COMMISSIONER was completed. You will be notified of the decision by mail. Please check the website for further updates on your case, including when the decision is mailed.

today i just checked my appeal case status…

how long they will talk to post the written mail ?
do you think it will get approve ?

It should be received within 30 days.

Hi Bharath Kumar

Did you received the mail regarding your I290B?. I got declined this year and trying to open MTR. your reply really helps me.

Hi bharath,
even i got denied based on E-E relationship, trying to open MTR , why did yours get denied?

Hi Bharath,

I have the same issue this year(2014). Can you please let me know whether your MTR is approved?


I am in the same situation now.

  1. Did you file MTR and get new receipt number?

  2. How soon did you get the new receipt number if any?

  3. What was the status of Orginal H1B petition number when MTR was in progress?

  4. Was your MTR approved? If so how long did it take?

kumar9, what was your MTR approved?

Saurabh, where did you see the MTR adjudicated in 1-2 months?

sandr : Did you open MTR? what happened in case you opened? what were timelines?

elixir86: here is the link with updates on MTR MTR processing time for denied case - H1B : Processing Times - Murthy Law Firm , good luck on yours!

I am also in same situation.

  1. On 4-Dec-14 petition got denied after applying for PP in RFE(due to expired MSA and SOW).
  2. On 30-Dec-14 I applied MTR(Form I290B) with amended MSA and SOW.
  3. On 4-Mar-15 My “Case was reopened”.

Now waiting… how long they will take and what are the chances to get approved my petition?

Guys can some throw some info regrading your MTR status I have been waiting for my MTR more than year

My H1B FY 2019 was denied on Oct 2, 2019. We filed a motion (MTR), received at oct and then transferred to another USCIS office on November 20. At this date no news. Anyone with similar or same situation can share some light here, please.
I´m out of the US because of this, just waiting for a response. Stay safe!