Processing time for Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction


I have a status “Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction” since May 19, 2017. But it is not updated yet. I know due to workload it is being transfered to another office. But does anyone know how long does it take to change the status ? And what would be the next status ?

After this, it would be routine processing of case. It can go to approval or RFE. There are no definite deadlines for regular processing.

You can verify this in the transfer receipt which would be sent to your Employer/Attorney, In it, detailed description of what will happen next would be given.

Alternatively, you can create an account in USCIS case status site and track your case. In it, in the right bottom of the case status, it would tell what the next step would be.

If this is transfer from old company AA to new company BB make sure that old company was good and didn’t do any fraud or blaklisted. If it is then they will go for varification and all.

When you have filed your petition, I am in same case

From other forums, I found that the status changes to “case was received at local office” when someone at USCIS picks up your case for processing.

I have the same status (new office has jurisdiction) showing up on my case until today 06/11/2017. My check was cashed in April 17 and my employer sent me receipt on 06/01. My case was transferred to California service center. Please let me know when you get any update. I will update mine if I get any updates.

Hi, I have the same status. Updated same status on June 9th and June 12th 2017 on USCIS website. Any updates on this would be helpful

I have the same status “Case Was Transferred And A New Office Has Jurisdiction” since May 12, 2017. Moreover, I haven’t received the receipt even after requesting several times. Please let me know if you have any update on your case.

Has your case been approved. I have the same status since May 22.

I got a RFE on September 8, 2017.

I am seeing the same status since May 5th. I am confused as I did not receive any mail. Any updates on this

Did you see any change in your status?

My status changed to RFE was mailed on July 17th. My employer just sent RFE response two weeks ago.