Process to apply minor's passport born in India

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I am currently in California on H1B.

My Kid is born in India couple of months back.

I have my spouse’s name on my passport but my spouse’s passport doesn’t have my name.

Can you please let me know the process on how my spouse can apply for my kid’s passport in India while I am in US?

I read about sworn affidavit, I am unable to understand the process of applying this.Can somebody throw some light on this?

Help is highly appreciated.



"A sworn affidavit by the parent(s) resident abroad attested by the Indian Mission along with affidavit from parent residing in India as well "

Seems like you need to get the affidavit using the form in below link.

Is the pdf link , a sworn affidavit? This doesn’t look like a sworn affidavit. Please clarify.

When you apply for a child’s passport in India both parents passports have to be shown . Since father is abroad his passport can not be shown to passport office in India. But it can be shown to Indian consulate abroad which acts as passport office. Indian consulate gives a letter to father in cases like yours, which is accepted by Indian Passport Office.

Contact Indian Consulate in USA which is nearest to you and explain yr case. Obtain letter from Consulate in USA and send it to yr wife along with copy of yr passport.

Regarding your wife’s passport not having your name , your marriage certificate in original will suffice.

For such reasons and problems it is advisable to get wife’s passport in married name after marriage.

She can do it even now

However she can obtain passport for child based on her marriage certificate