Process of L2 Dependant visa conversion to H4 visa - Need help


I have L1B Visa valid till June2013 and my I94 till June 2014. My wife has both L2 visa and I94 valid till June 2013.

I have applied for L1b to H1B visa conversion on April 2013 and my wife I94 extn to match I94 date… My wife’s I-94 extension status is showing as " Intial Review". Can some one here guide me if I got to apply for my wife’s H4 visa much before I get my H1b approved or can I wait till June 2014 if my wife’s i94 get extended.

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If your H-1 COS gets approved, then you will be on H-1 from that COS effective date. This also means, your L-1 will stop existing from that date. So she will have to move to H-4 from that date.

My suggestion will be to talk to your H-1 attorney and may be have her L-2->H-4 COS filed. If your H-1 gets approved w/ COS, then withdraw her L-2 extension so that she moves to H-4 status and not to L-2 (which no longer exists).