Procedure for H1B 2014 sponsorship looks reasonable ?

Hi Guys/Saurabh,

Its great to read the articles, Q/A and discussions here for last couple of weeks

I also have a query on the H1B 2014 filling through small consultants(some say body_shopers) or companies like Tek Systems for Technical/Engineering Positions in software development/support.

I have been working for last 6 years with couple of MNCs(infosys,fiserv) in India, but want to go USA for H1B visa as a S/W engg, and found a small consultant from linkedin(as it is/was not possible from my companies because of various reasons).

They say , they will file my H1B(after couple of skype discussions) and asked me to pay $1000, which will be returned if I work with them for 6 months atleast(and when I asked about the bond, they say, there is none and moreover it is illegal). LCA will be filled from their office(location xyz) and package is $60k per year as basic(inclues medical insurance) and will deploy to a client(any where in States), and will take 20% of the billing and leave rest 80% to me (which includes $N/year)

MyVisaJob says, last year 15 visas are filed from this consultant.

And they say they filled 19 and 11 cleared lottery.

Does everything looks reasonable here (in general, from your experience), how can I check what they say is correct and no fraud/harashment