Problem in photo uploading in DS16

Hi all,

When i uploaded photo in DS 160 initially, it said photo met the standards and go head in filling the application.

After filling everything in DS160 and finally at review stage i was unable to see my uploaded photo. “It saying Photo will be taken by ASC”.

So is there any way of retrieving my photo or else i should fill the application from the beginning.

Photo requirement is now discontinued. You do not need to upload photo.

OFC takes yr photograph.

Evenif you upload the photo , system will not accept it, This is what happened in yr case. Proceed without photo. System will allow you to proceed without uploaded photo.

You will get into problem if you want to upload photo .


I, for one, think that this is a good change. I have seen instances where the online system accepted the photo but it was later rejected at the consulate and one had to take picture at the consulate. It’s better this way.

Yes. I agree with you. This is better.
But system needs to be modified and upload photo column should have been removed alongwith photo specification etc. Existence of such photo specifications confuses the applicant.