probability of getting F2 visa approved after getting denied

My F2 visa is rejected under 214(b). Previously my F1visa is rejected on the same reason. I have been to US 2 years back on L2 visa and I think this could be one of the reasons for the visa denial. But I cannot stay away from husband. So how do I make sure that my F2 visa gets approved the next time. Also will H4 be rejected under 214(b)?

What visa is your husband on as you talked about both F-2 and H-4?

My husband is right now on F1 visa.

In that case, you cannot apply for F-1. H-4 can be applied only if the spouse is on H-1.

When your husband moves to H-1, you can apply for H-4, and this visa is generally not rejected for 214(b). H-4 is a dual intent visa, and 214(b) doesn’t apply to it.