Primary EAD/AP approved but not for Dependent


We filed 485 for primary and dependent. Just recently, EAD and AP got approved for Primary but not for dependent. Would like to if primary start using EAD and AP (to travel and come back using AP). Dependent has approved h4 but h4 EAD pending. Not sure if primary uses EAD/AP then it will affect h4 and void it. Please advise if primary can travel and use AP instead of visa stamping without affecting dependent’s status. Thanks!


Any thoughts please?

If primary use EAD/AP, your dependents will lose their non-immigrant status however they can still legally stay in the US as their status is considered ‘pending adjustment of status’.

I would suggest that primary dont use EAD/AP and maintain H1B till dependents get their EAD/AP.

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thank you! this clarifies!