Primary applicant has new I797 and dependents has old approved I797

Hi all,

Me and my h4 dependents(wife & kid) has approved i-797 which is valid till Jan 2026 and then recently I moved to another employer.
When I moved to new employer, they filed transfer, which was approved till April 2026. But, we did not applied for my wife and kid since, they have valid i-797 till Jan 2026.

I am planning to travel India and complete visa renewal with dropbox.
The question is,

  1. What petition number I need to provide while scheduling dropbox? My new approved petition number or their old petition number? Or wife i-797 petition number?
  2. Do I need to submit their old I-797 document while dropbox submission along with my approved 797 document?

Kindly guide me.


Your new petition and latest approved I-797.

No need. H4 stamping will be done based on primary H1B current I-797.

Thanks for responding.

Question towards the same.

  1. For dependents, while filling DS-160, should I provide latest primary i797 petition number OR old approved I797 petition number ?

  2. Do I need to provide dependent old approved i797 copy and primary latest approved i797 copy while going for Dropbox ?

  3. Also, what date will be printed in visa for dependents? Old approved dependent 797 date or Latest primary 797 date?

Kindly suggest.


Forget about your old I-797. It is no longer valid. Just use your current document.

Thank you very much for clarification.