Previously on L1B & have approved H1B petition. Need to know the duration


Need your help on my specific case.

Earlier i was in USA on L1B visa for Employer A - from 21 Feb 2009 to 31 Dec 2011. and Later from 15 Dec 2012 to 27 July 2013. total of 3 and 1/2 years.

In Sept 2011, Employer B filed for a H1B petition under 2012 CAP quota and it got approved without change of status. but I never worked for employer B.

In Oct 2013 while i’m in India, Employer A filed for a H1B petition under cap exempt quota using employer B approved h1b reference# and it got approved without change of status. but never went to visa stamping.

Now another employer C is ready to provide me a offer and willing to file for h1b petition under cap exempt. But I’m choosing not to travel USA until this July end, so that i will be outside USA for 1yr and thinking that i will get a full 6 years term.

My question: 1#Could you please tell me if my understanding in regards to the 6 years term is correct?. or i will get only the remaining (6-3.5)= 2.5 years.

2# what would be the best way to get a full 6yrs term on my above case. Any inputs on this is greatly appreciated.

Your 6 year clock will be reset after continous 365 days outside US.

Your idea of not travelling to US till 28 or 29 july is fine to get clock reset. On the safer side, cannot you just travel in August? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your inputs. I will consider your advice :slight_smile: