Previous H1B visa expiring in Oct 2016. New employer H1 valid till 2018

I have my Visa from old employer expiring in Oct 2016. I joined new employer in Jan 2016 expiring on nov 2018.

1.When should I go to India for stamping ?

  1. Can I avail drop box facility ?

  2. If I can’t avail drop box , can I get my interview scheduled in Hyderabad ( my first visa is stamped in chennai)?

  1. You can go for stamping anytime you decide to leave US. If you are already inside US and received transfer with I-94 attached, you are not required to go immediately. Just time it with your next trip outside US.

  2. You are eligible for dropbox as long as you appear for stamping prior to Oct 2017 (365 days from original end date).

  3. N/A