Previous employer filed a withdrawal. H1B approved after layoff, Options?

I have been laid off from my previous company when my H1B is in process. They have sent a withdrawal request to USCIS on Sept 18, 2019. I joined another employer starting from Oct 1, 2019 who is currently not willing to do H1B transfer. After 20 days of their request my H1B gets approved. I am on approved OPT STEM Ext till 2021. I spoke to my school regarding this. They said that they needed receipt notice from USCIS. I do not have any receipt notice from USCIS. Please help me out with this situation? I dont know how to tackle this problem>

Sorry to hear about your situation.
Was your H1B filed as Change of Status ?
Does your SEVP system or SEVIS system from DSO show your H1B approval ? Is your SEVIS terminated ?
Usually the withdrawal takes time and you need the withdrawal receipt or confirmation from USCIS to be able to go to SEVIS and get data fix. DSO would use the withdrawal letter to get data fix.