Prev H1-B has 2 yrs left. After 2.5yrs abroad, now on L2, COS to H1B poss?

Hi there,

my husband and I worked in the US between 2004-10, on H1B visas. My husband used up all but 4 months of his then-H1, and I had more than 2 years left.  From 2010 to 2013, we were in Europe, and just re-entered the US on an L1B/L2. I have an EAD and am about to start working, however, my husband may well be 'let go' in the next 6 months. My concerns are :


1. If my husband’s employment is terminated, can I apply for a change of status to H1B? Or would it be a new H1B ?

2. If it is a new H1B, is it correct to assume I'll have to get 'lucky' for the lottery, and start work only on Oct 1, 2014?

3. Is there a way I can continue to work during the transition from L2 to H1B?

4. Would you recommend applying for COS to H1-B even when my husband is still on his L1-B?

5. Does a Green-card application made while I'm still on an L2 help me in anyway keep my job & status through any transitions that may occur to my or my husband’s visa?


Thanks in advance for any inputs!