Premium processing H1B pending beyond 15 days

Hi All,

My H1B premium processing petition is pending beyond 15 days.RFE response received on 13th December 2017.No update after that its been 28 days now.When checked with my attorney he is saying to wait 60 days.In Premium processing also it takes beyond 15 days.Please provide your input.

That is weird. H1b premium processing has a guaranteed 14 days notice. Are you on full-time with a company or EVC?

I am on full time with reputed MNC.

Hi Shree07…do you have any update on it? mine rfe was recived on 12th jan. it is my 15 th day

No,not yet…still waiting…last week my attorney has raised a service request…till now no update … it’s so frustrating…not sure what is happening with my case…

Hi Shree,

Any Update? I am also waiting from last 14 days. Tomorrow is 15th day.

Hey, I am in the same situation as yours. My Petition was received on 23rd in premium and no update yet. Did you receive any update on your case? Are you raising a Service Request? Your reply or suggestions are appreciated.

No, there is no update. I asked my attorney to raise service request but he has not confirmed yet. Any update on your side?

Nothing yet for my case…

Shree07 - Your RFE response was submitted to uscis on 13 Dec 2017 and no update till date for premium processing? Basically its over 60days?

Hi Sri1989,

Yes that’s correct…

Hi, I am also in same situation. RFE for PP received on 19th Dec.,2017 and RFE response sent back on 26th Jan.,2018. USCIS status got updated on 29th Jan. But now it’s been more than 15 days.No response received. Not sure what is the issue.

Is this for amendment ? or Fresh VISA petition ?

This is for amendment not for fresh H1.

Did you receive any update?

I have received a response from attorney yesterday saying that my case is approved. No update in the uscis portal yet. Also, decision was made with in 15days. Its just the attorney communicated late

That’s great… congratulations… now a day they are not updating the portal frequently

Hi Shree,

Can you please update the status of your case.
My case is in the similar situation.