Premium process clock stop on 14th day after rfe response

My situation is like I had RFE (for client letter) which was replied on 26th May (with no client letter), then clock restarted on 28 May then clock stopped on 10th June (14th day), no updates from employer, does this mean its denial? Is there anybody in the same situation?

It can either be approval or denial. Your attorney didn’t receive anything from USCIS? They can follow-up w/ PP service line.

My employer is saying he didn’t receive anything yet, however my case is premium processing and its more than week now for clock to stop. It’s just making me nervous and don’t know whether to enroll for school or wait for week or two. My opt is ending very soon.

Did they try to contact USCIS about it?

im same situation just curious what did you receive …

I am in same boat after RFE responce clock stoped last week and no reply yet. What did u got in your case?

Hi Puttar, what happened to your case?