Prediction for H1B 2014 cap season will last


Can any one predict how soon will the H1B visa will last next year as we saw for FY2013 it last untill june 7th for master quota and june 11th for regular.

Please share all the experiences from past year this data which will be useful for everyone

I am not sure if anyone can predict the FY2014 cap with some authority as everything depends on the economy and the US Government policies (especially when there is a Presidential election coming up in November 2012). People can do wild guesses at this point in time.

Please follow the blog below, Saurabh will be updating it as and when any new information is available for FY2014 quota.

[H1B Visa 2014 – All you need to know – FAQs](


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Stay tuned for the articles in the blog, you will find one for H1B FY 2014 as well..