Pre-H1B Application forms and signatures from all parties invovled.


My question today is how long does it generally take to gather the necessary tools/forms needed to submit an application for an H1B visa? As I understand it, I believe the deadline for applying for an H1B is April 1. Therefore, I wanted to know if I have a realistic chance in making that deadline if I tried to apply for an H1B. A company I interviewed with was ready to hire me but is hesitant due to my OPT expiring in October and they would not want to employ me only for me to leave in October.

However, if I can convince the company to sponsor me for an H1B visa and we begin filling out the forms required to submit the application, do we have a realistic chance of making the April 1 deadline? I wouldn’t want to waste the company’s time nor mine for that matter if we don’t have a snowball’s chance.

I know that every application is different but any insight I may get as to a general idea of how many days/weeks it takes to gather all forms would be greatly appreciated.