PP renewal and H1B submission

Hi,I renew my passport in 2011. The new passport after the renewal has place of birth as XX which is a clerical mistake and it should be YY (the first passport was having YY). Both XX and YY district is in the same state. Now i want to correct the place of birth. My first passport issued in 2001 and at that time birth certificate is not mandatory. I was submitted my high school marksheet for DOB.

  1. My company is filling h1b for this year. Suppose if i submit the docs for reissue now as normal (can’t apply tatkal) and didn’t get the new passport, I would lose the opportunity. Can i reissue the passport after 1 April submission (once came in the lottery)?

  2. I am changing my current address so the police verification must be done. Is there anyway i can request to process the passport early on emergency?

The typo may not have a big impact, its fine. The other option is to apply for passport and send it if u get new one before march 30. Other wise send old scan

Can I reissue my passport after selection on the lottery and before VISA stamping?