[PP ]Got H1B (new filing) approval for an year without responding to RFE. Please help!!

Hello people,

I got H1B approval yesterday without responding to the RFE. Did any one of you or you know of had the similar situation before?

The approval is only for an year.

I got two RFEs as follows:

RFE 1 (Date received: April 28 2014):  Proof of extended work authorization from school (CPT I-20 in my case)

My lawyer responded to the 1st RFE and we got 2nd RFE on May 20 2014


RFE 2 (Date received: May 20 2014): Speciality occupation, extended PO and Employer-Employee relationship

My lawyer was in process of responding to 2nd RFE but meanwhile my HR received approval notice for an year for H1.

I am surprized and confused since we did not responded to second RFE. The due date to respond to the RFE is Aug 12 2014. I got H1 approval only for an year. USCIS asked us to establish that benificiary is requesting work authorization for 3 years but the current PO is expiring on Dec 31 2014. We got extended PO to respond the RFE but since I got an I-797, do I still need to respond my RFE? Please help!!