Power Of Attorney from Indian Consulate San Francisco

I am a resident of Riverside county in CA . I had applied for Miscellaneous service (Power Of Attorney) from Indian Consulate San Francisco . As per the document checklist I submitted copy of my passport, electricity bill, I-797A, and POA (2 copies) with all the pages signed by me. When I went to the bank and asked the documents to be notarized the notary told me that in the State of California, they do not notarize passports and they can provide me a California Acknowledgment which states (A notary public completing this certificate verifies only the identity of the individual who signed the document to which this certificate is attached) . So I signed on POA, electricity bill and I -797 document in front of notary and he gave me 3 acknowledgment certificates for these which has the Notary Seal, notary signature and the details of documents.
Now, to my surprise when I shipped these documents to the Indian Consulate at san Francisco without even verifying, they sent all my documents back asking for notarized document of all those which I have already sent to consulate.

If anyone has got a POA document attested from Indian Consulate at San Francisco, then request you to guide me on what I should be doing.

Thank You