Potential denial of H1B COS?

I recently saw some cases where people got their H1B change of status denied due to doing day 1 CPT. Most of these cases involved them enrolling 2nd masters. It is freaking me out because last year I also used day 1 CPT as I enrolled into master program for the first time. My last degree was bachelor of the same major at the same school. Before signing up myself for CPT, I contacted the advisor and specifically asked whether or not I could do CPT during my first quarter of my study. She replied saying yes and told me to schedule an appointment with her to go through all of the paperwork, which was then sent to the DSO advisor to approve. I didn’t hear any concern about my case and I-20 for CPT eventually got issued as soon as I entered the program. Back then, it kind of made sense to me because the master program I enrolled is a 2-year program. Since I did my undergrad of that major, the first year coursework was waived for me. So technically, when I entered the master, I was in my “2nd year.” That was my own rationale, but my advisor didn’t say anything more to elaborate her “yes” answer, and I trusted her expertise to not clarify further. That year, I didn’t make it through the lottery, and then I ended up using pre-OPT to continue my employment on a part-time basis, which was also approved by my school and the USCIS. This year, my employer filed the H1B again. If I can get through the lottery, I am not sure if the CPT thing will haunt me when it’s decision time. Before finishing and applying for pre-OPT, my DSO informed that I have so far maintained my F1 status. However, I guess the whole situation can be scrutinized under a different light. So I just wanted to post the question to see if anyone is on the same boat and what ended up happening in your case. Any advice would also be appreciated but please be kind and respectful. Thank you!