Post Decision to Acceptance - Status moved backwards

Hi, When I was checking H1B petition status, it was showing that I-129 form had been approved on Sep 17 and notification had been sent(POST DECISION). But last week when I checked, it was shocking for me. The status moved four steps back and now in ACCEPTANCE state for more than a week. I am much worried and confused of this. Any one faced such kind of issues? I mailed my employer a week ago, and they are still checking into that.

It may be a technical issue, or USCIS may have discovered something after the approval and are reviewing the petition again. Once your employer is able to contact USCIS, it would provide more clarity.

Hi, I sent another email to my employer and got response back that, My petition hard copy has been reached but some supportive docs are missing(didn’t mention whats that about)… Again they are checking with US Office…

Also they are not sure why the status is showing wrong in the portal. So such kind of cases, my suggestion is to follow up with employer only.


has the status gone back to post decision? how many it took for you from acceptance to post decision