Post Activity Decision for H1B

Hi Saurabh,
My petition for H1B has been approved on 8-Jun-12, and is currently in Post Decision Activity status. Could you let me know What are the next in process flow?



Can you let us know when was your petition filied , as mentioned in your receipt!

It was received on 24-Apr-12

Before EOD or tomorrow, you’ll see the status jumping to Decision from Post Decision if yours is not COS;
But it is APPROVED mate…
Mine was applied May24th -> I got the receipt number on May31st 12.30EST with status Approved (as Abhi’s) -> EOD May31st, It went to Decision Status - > Approved.

Mine was PP -> same day of receipt notice, i got the approval status too ( to my surprise, it was a long Memorial day weekend; 4 days off in b/w 25th - 31st)

So yours was a regular case , which got approved in 45 days ( approx)
which center was that??

But Post Decision Activity comes after Decision right. Correct me if I am wrong.

CSC. N ya, it is regular. What is d next process or step?

take it easy!! Enjoy the moment. You will get the I-797 approval in few weeks :slight_smile:

You are right…But thats how my case toggled.
It was in Post Decision in noon and jumped to Decision in the Evening…
But as i said, in either case, yours is approved…
When you see the change, look at the wording in the Status, it will be different and i got to know the difference as Regular vs PP from Saurabh

Your employer/attorney will receive the approval copy within next few weeks. They can then send that to you along w/ other documents required for stamping. You can then complete DS-160 form, pay HDFC fees, schedule interview date and appear for visa stamping.