Possibility of getting h1b and h4 visa stamping together

Hi guys,

I am working in a XXX company and I applied for a YYY company in USA and got my h1b approved with them. With this I am about to apply for visa interview in a couple of days. If am planning to apply H4 visa for my wife and schedule visa interview along with mine. Now the questions are,

Can I get H4 stamping along with H1B with just one interview scheduled?

What are the supporting documents for H4 that I need to have?

As I have heard, which may or may not be true, should I (h1b applicant) need to have either social security number or insurance documents with the company before I apply for H4?

Considering my company would arrange accommodation just for me, if some of our friends offer to take us in their home, should I mention their house address in my wife’s DS160?

In general, how would I get around this? Any help would me highly appreciated.


You don’t require SSN for H4 visa and together you can apply for Visa stamping but you have to file 2 DS-160 applications separately while scheduling your visa interview. Also for safe side you carry original marriage certificate and few of your marriage photos which covers few of your relatives/parents.

While filling DS 160, better you mention some Hotel address located in US (near to your office/consultancy).



Thanks a lot. However, I missed another important question. I have also been told that I should have my bank statement with sufficient funds on it to manage us for about a month’s time, until I get my first pay stub. Is it so?

Bank Statement is not required as you are going on H1B i.e, on work permit and most of the cases the funds would be arranged by the company by giving advance salary and Visa officer wont ask anything about the Bank statement/funds. If you are going of F1 or F2 then proof of funds is mandatory.

Thanks a lot buddy. I appreciate your extended support.

Why don’t you mention your petitioner as US point of contact for your wife?