Position for opening within Organization. Chance of Approval?

I am working for my company for more than 6.5 years and I have already been in the US for 3.5 years in L1B Visa for the same company and the L1B extension was rejected post RFE. I am working for the same company in India from Dec 2011.

We have applied for H1B for this year Cap and got selected in the lotterry. I am waiting for further information on it, my company has a policy of not sharing the petition number with the employees until it is approved.

The LCA was done for an internal opening in one of the US offices which requires knowledge in the company’s Intelectual Properties and some home grown tools, I will be working for multiple clients in this position. so, I dont have aclient letter to produce if they asked in RFE or personal interview.

I would like to know the probability of getting my application approved. My friends are telling me that there is a high chance that my application will be rejected as it was filed for an internal opening. Is it true?

Also, if I get RFE, can you suggest someone to guide me on preparing the response as I am not very confident on my company’s immigration team as I feel that they didn’t do their job properly last time in my L1B extension RFE.

When internal projects are used a sham (especially by small consulting companies) then chances of RFE and denial are pretty high. However, companies can have valid internal project openings and those petitions should get approved (USCIS may still ask for more clarification).

Thanks Saurabh… I was informed last week that my petition has been approved by USCIS and awaiting for originals. 1. I think the next step is to schedule the VISA interview? 2. Can you give me some inputs according to my situation to be well prepared for the VISA interview? 3. What are the chances of rejection in PA, my petition was approved w/o RFE? 4. Is client letter mandatory for PA? Can I include a client letter at this stage if I am able to get it?