POE other than location for which LCA is filed

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to know -

1) If we can take vacation/delay joining with the employer after reaching US on H1B?

2) My work location is CA but I will be entering at POE JFK (Newark) as my friend stays close by.

We would utilize this time to visit some friends and family. We will be traveling on 28th of Sept to USA but wish to join the employer from 7th of Oct. This will give us sufficient time to process SSN & TIN as well.

Here are my thoughts,

  1. Not getting into specifics, logically speaking, as soon as you enter USA on H1B Visa, your visa status is tracked as work visa. Your employer has to run your payroll from the day you landed in America. You can take vacation, but make sure your employer counts this as paid vacation. Usually, you would need to apply for SSN in the first week you land in USA to do your payroll processing. Your Immigration attorney is your best source for this, check with him/her.

  2. I do not think, if it really matters. But again, it is worth talking to your immigration attorney.