POE OCC shows Code 030...!


I’ve an approved H1B petition & soon going for visa interview. Below is my query.

In the i797B approval, POE OCC shows 030, which is systems analysis & programming. Now, basic thing is I’ve been working as a Sr.System Admin (IT) since 9 years, full time job & my experience comprise Red Hat Linux, IBM AIX, Unix, Cisco, Storage & Cloud.

So, what exactly OCC 030 does? Is it relevant as per my experience? I don’t have any kind of knowledge in programming (i.e. c, Java, c++ etc…)

My core expertise is Linux System & Network Administration, Amazon Cloud & Cisco Routing/Switching.

Please Guide…,


OCC Code 030 refers to ‘Systems’ and is inclusive of analysis and/or programming - all experts in systems admin fall in this category

Thanks for the information sir.