plz refer me Collages/Uni in Dallas,TX, whc provides CPT from 1st sem.

Working as a full time employee with one of the MNC, but unfortunatly company failed to file my H1 this yr & OPT is gonna expire on Sep 2013…Plz help me.I am looking for other options, really don’t want to go for study again as it’s a very expensive option…can u guys suggest me any other option apart of F1 visa…Also i will complete 1 yr as a full time employee in Sep, so am I eligible for L1 visa?

I think its not possible… L1 visa is a transfer visa and as far i know this trasfer should be from other country to US. You have to work there atleast for 1 year then you are eligible for L1 to come into US.

Also there are few universities which give CPT from 1st sem. But your all documents should be correct and also you have to take classes in every other week. yeah it will be expensive.

Getting CPT from first sem is illegal. It will jeopardize your future H1B for sure.
The universities you are talking about are diploma mills, remember the Tri valley and ITU scams, please do not fall to such scams. You might get arrested and deported.

CPT can be issued from first term only if the course requirements say so. There are universities who have misused this in the past, and so don’t fall in that trap (search TVU).