Please tell me my possibilities of gettin F1 Visa

Hello to you all
Please friends kindly help me out because I have scheduled my US Visa interview at Lagos embassy here in Nigeria and I want to know my possibilities of getting Visa. My details is as follows:
I am a graduate of University of Ilorin here in Nigeria, I graduated with B.Sc. in Plant Biology second class upper and undergraduate percentage is 76.2%. I graduated in October 2010 and did NYSC till october 2011. Since then I have been applying to institutions(local and abroad) for my masters.I gained admission into Obafemi Awolowo University (M.Sc. Botany), University of East London (M.Sc. Bioscience)and another conditional offer in UK university. My Uncle who has been living in US for long told me to apply to CCSU which is in the country he lives about 45min drive from his house in Connecticut. I applied to the school and I was given admission in May 2012 and now I get CCSU Form I-20 with major in M.Sc. Biology/ General Bioscience. I did TOEFL and scored 78/120 but my school inform me that I do not need GRE for admission. My mother is my sponsor and she has sufficient funding in her bank account.
Can anybody kindly tell me how my VI might look like and my possibilities of getting VISA despite low TOEFL score, no GRE, my Uncle living in US(though I have planned to deny knowing his whereabout in the US but I will just say I have Uncle over there if asked). What are the possible questions I might be ask by the VO and what should my response be like? What are the documents I should take along with me and how should I appear at the Lagos embassy on the day?
If I were ask that how many institution did I applied to? can I tell the VO about the local and UK institutions wont it have any bad effect as I applied to only CCSU in US and 2 in UK. please friends kindly help me out because my interview is fast approaching.

My BBpin is 235595ef if you wish to help pls.

Well, You need to justify your decision to go that particular school. You should not tell false information to VO. You need to answer honestly and with confidence. There are no rules set for visa interview other than “Answering with confidence and justifying your decision to chose that school”…

Read this article, it has full information on documents and other tips : [](

Good Luck !

To Add to what Kumar said:

78 in toefl is pretty low. Though TOEFL scores are not a VOs concern, but if your are unable to carry on a conversation with the VO for a reasonable amount of time, they might be able to deny it on the pretext that you lack basic english skills.
This is from an experience of a guy I know, who was denied visa cause he couldn’t hold a conversation for long with the VO .