Please share recent India travel precautions and experiences

Status - H1B
Stamping - Already done
Valid until - Jan 2022

Hi guys, I am planning to visit India (Hyderabad) and thought of posting this discussion to get an idea of our fellow Indian’s recent international travel experiences. I really appreciate your responses or suggestions to this post.

  1. what are the precautions taken to travel in this pandemic?

  2. Is the mandatory quarantine still in place after landing in India or can we go home and self quarantine?

  3. I heard that we have to take corona test before flying and if this is true how recent this has to be?

  4. As I am done with my stamping already is it necessary to carry employment verification form with me?

  5. what are the immigration questions faced at port of entry?

Please advise. Thanks in advance.

There are many groups that talk about this, check