Please reply its very urgent- Regarding H1b status


I have applied from a consultancy here in India fortunately my case is picked up in the lottery and have gone through entire phase except the last one where I received a mail stating that the "denial decision has been sent to you "
can someone please guide me on this. Any chance for this to progress? And also can someone please let me know if there is any option for me to re open this.
Please suggest me on this. I am really very disappointed.

See what is reason for your denial. You can apply for MTR or wait for another year!

As said the RFE was on some financial related query. With the same documents, rest of the petitions were approved except mine. As per the employer, they are planning to Appeal for the same. Can you please let me know the chances of the success rate for this appeal or any other options available for it.
And one more question, what’s the difference between APPEAL and MTR?
Please advise me ASAP.