Please help - query reg L1 to H1 COS

Hi ,

I am currently working on L1 B for Organization "A" . Organization "B" have applied my H1 b this year. ( currently in RFE Response Review Stage , RFE-16 SEP , RFE Response - 20 SEP) . Iam planning to fly india on 22nd Nov for my marriage and will flay back to US on 21 Dec . 

Ques : 

If i fly out of US before i get the H1 final approval , will it abandon my H1 B processing or just my COS application or both. If only COS gets Abandon and i get my H1 b while i am in India , do i need to stamp my H1 b VISA before i enter US again or i can travel back to US on L1 B ? If i travel back on L1 b without the H1 stamping will there be any problem at the port of Entry ( Can CBP officer raise questions on not having H1 B Stamped )?

If i am allowed to enter US without H1 stamping , as per my understanding i can continue working on L1B as long as i wish even though i have H1 B ..right?  and i will need to apply for COS for L1 to H1 conversion when i wish to work on H1 ?

Another Organization "C" is ready to do my H1 transfer once i get my H1b approval (Organization "B" applied for my H1B) . How soon i can start working for Organization "C" - can i start working with organization "C" as soon as they intiate my H1 transfer process or i need to wait for H1 transfer completion before i join Organization "C" ? If i fly out of US before my H1 approval and i get my H1 approval when i am in India , can Organization "C" start my H1 transfer or they need to wait untill i am back in US ? What is the document required for Organization "C" to start my H1 transfer process (other than Receipt Number ) ?