Please help me to understand my H1B case

Guys, I need your advise please. I attended VI at Delhi in 1st week of Feb 2013.Since then my case was not updated on ceac site.Suddenly, there is 3 updates on my case (26th , 27th & then 29th Aug 2013 (28th Aug was a holiday here)).After, last update there is no change in my case . I was very happy that I will get clear soon but It did not happen.Generally. after 2-3 updates people can get their Visa but my case is still pending yet. Based on your experience what would you say on that whether it is a good sign or bad? OR what they actually did on these dates?? I have heard that sometime consulate put case in admin check again without giving any new template.

Please help me to understand this & what can I do now.I am very frustated as I am waiting since 7 months.