Please help MBA in USA with 4.5 years of work exp in automotive design, right now in US on H1B located in Detroit


I am Rama. I have been working as a CAD designer in automotive industry since I completed my in mechanical engineering. Now I have 4.5 years(3 years in India and 1.5years in US on H1B) of work experience.
Now I would like to shift my gears to the management career and therefore interested to pursue part-time MBA. I am located in Detroit, Michigan. Can anyone of you please help me by sharing your ideas/thoughts/suggestions to move forward?
It would be great if someone can suggest schools/courses/steps to get admission/entrance exams that I need to clear.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hi Rama, Good you are thinking about your career progression ! Let me ask you this, " Where do you see yourself in next 10 years ?" . Jot your thoughts down and make your MBA work for that end goal. MBA can be used in many ways, one is to progress in your same line or to switch gears and totally change your track. Say, if you want to get into something totally new not related to automotive industry like Investment Banker or Brand Manager, etc…you have an option to change that with your MBA. It may not be easy, but you have an option to take extra courses and get emphasis on that and add your internship experience to change your career track.

Now, once you have that clear, I suggest you pick schools that will help you with the goal. One way to do it is part time or other way to do is to do it full time…depending on your situation. I recommend doing it full time, if you can afford it as you will get the full experience. Typically the steps are you take GMAT and maybe TOEFL depending on the school and then sort out schools and apply for them. Read articles at MBA in USA , you will get some idea. Good Luck !