Please help/Confusion on H1B interview

SITUATION: My h1b is under RFE, my attorney will be submitting my docs with 2-3 days. So i’ll wait for my RFE to be cleared and once done, i would scedule my interview in sep or oct first week.

On the other side, I had applied for australian PR, which is at its last stage, I have recived the invite from DIAC. Now as part of there documentation, they have asked for PCC, the PCC is police clearnce certifictae and it will be given by the regional passport office, and It will be stamped on my Passport , mentioning the time period for which PCC is valid (mostly 3 months) and country for which i required it (i.e. Australia) .

MY QUESTION: On my h1b visa interview date, if my Visa contains PCC for Australia, Does this will have any impact on the outcomes of the result ?

Does it create negative impression on the VO ?

Thanks !!!


It must not be a problem…