Please help: Advice on H1b stamping and H4 visa interview together

Here is the situation (I am traveling to india for marriage while on H1B):

  1. Court marriage - 10th Dec (will get marriage certificate on 11th Dec)
  2. Marriage ceremony with rituals, etc. (18th Dec)
  3. My status H1B since Oct 2014, so i have to do h1b stamping while in india (I have 1month leave from work in Dec)
  4. Need to get wifey’s H4 visa interview done (I was thinking we can go together i.e. my h1b stamping and her h4 visa) & that we come together to US


  1. I think i have to fill 2 ds160 forms for me and fiance. Can I fill them right now (in US - november) and submit them witout any issues? Is there anything I should be careful about?

  2. The forms have these columns:
    i) Are you single/married?
    ii) Spouse name, etc
    Since i am not yet married (but will be when i am attending interview in december). What should i fill for these columns?

  3. Is it safe to submit the form with MARRIED details before my marriage in Dec so that I can book a visa interview date and secure a slot?

  4. When should I submit both ds 160 forms and pay the visa fees? After 10th Dec (when i am legally married), or before is fine?

  5. Can I book a visa interview date for both of us now ie. while in US before marriage? (will it be a safe option?)

  6. Is it safe to got together for hqb and h4 visa stamping or should i get my h1b stamping done first?

Its always advisable to fill the DS160 once you apply for marriage certificate. Looks like these days no issues with H1B stamping. Things are moving smooth. Best of Luck :slight_smile: