Please help-- 221 g process DS agent came to US home for inquiry

I really need experts help on my Wife H1B case. My Wife went India for H1B stamping. She came to US in June 2014 (first visit to US) on H4 visa. Her H1B petition is approved. She Went to Mumbai, India for H1B stamping. Her Visa is in 221 g now. Her H4 visa is still valid. Employer submitted documents one month back to support H1B case. Agent from US department of state Diplomatic Security Services came to Our home in US( Where I am currently staying) for inquiry.

He asked me some basic questions about wife H1B petition , client .I call My wife and handed over call to Agent to answer Agent’s question. He noted down all things and ask me to contact them once my Wife come to US.

I told him, she do not wish to come on H4 visa. Agent told me, she may come to US on H4 or H1B visa and meet them. He will submit this information for further process and USCIS will take decision on her H1B visa.

Question : Will it create any issue for H1B visa? What would be purpose behind asking us to meet them personally once my wife come to US? So far, I did not hear that DS agent comes to employees home for inquiry. ( This address was mentioned on DS160 form).

I really need experts advise on same.


Your wife’s employer (H-1B sponsor) is under investigation for immigration fraud. Please have her travel back on H-4 and resolve the matter here. You must abandon the 221g with immediate effect. You are welcome to email me at sshankar at

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,