Planning to go for vacation to India on H1B

Hi all,

I am planning to go for vacation to India for 1 month. Just had few questions as I have never travelled from US to India before, it would be great help if someone can give lights to my queries.

  1. I have changed my employer after coming to US. Should I book flight tickets first or book the stamping date in US consulate as I believe I have to go for visa stamping before coming from India to US

  2. Will there be any tricky questions in visa interview related to employers as I have changed 2 employers within one year(not my fault).

  3. What all documents I should have with me before travelling from US to India.

  4. Is it possible if I can get the visa stamping done from near by countries like Canada/Mexico etc before travelling to India. If yes, what should be the process. Please note that my I94 is valid till 2016.

  5. I have visa stamping and I94 from the first employer through whom I came to US for the first time. Will there be any problem while entering India. Although I have new I797 with I94 details with it from my new employer.

  6. Is there any specific location/airport where I should land in India or I can book ticket for any location which is closer to my home.

  1. Try to get the US consulate appointment first.

  2. Yes, they might ask. tell the genuine reason.

  3. I-797, old employer exp certificate, new employer’s offer letter, past 12 months pay stubs, approved and ammended LCA copies, etc, etc.

  4. To go for stamping to Canada - you need Canadian visa to enter the country. I am not sure about Mexico. I would advice to go to India and get it stamped.

  5. No

  6. Any location. You are paying for it, so doesn’t matter. But if you visa is expired, you cannot travel through certain countries(transit). Especially, UK and other european countries. You can travel through Gulf and other Asian countries. If you are transiting through Canada, make sure you apply for the transit visa.