Planning to Attend H1b visa renewal stamping in India-EVVVC model

I like this website to know more information. Thanks to website owner.

I am in US and my H1B stampng Expired .I have New approved 797 till July'2015. so now i am planning to  visit india with my daughter (US citizen). After I see all stories, I am scared to go for stamping, I didnt go to india for 6 years. Can you please suggest me on below:

1) Is this safe to attend for H1b stamping around Aug /Sept 2014

2) Whats the outcome of stampings at this period (denial/success)-Current situation

3) I am working with a consultancy on EVVVC model

4) Can I take my daughter (2.5 year old-US Citizen) to embassy while going for stamping.

5) My client will not give client letter, what alternatives should i carry.

6) What are mandatory list of documents to carry.

7) I have my EB3 - I140 approved 

8) Is this safe to attend at Hyderabad/Channia (I am local to hyderabad-Heard hyderabad has more 221gs)

Your help would be appreciable. Thank you in advance.